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Our Story

Sweets Add A Special Touch To Every Occasion

In india sweets forms and integral part of celebration be it marriege, birth of the child or festivals. we at kohli, have been trying to make every occasion a special one with our sweets. Sweets and snacks served at any and every occassion. At, Kohli we have been preparing sweets from generation to generation in the traditional method giving hygine the top priority. So the next time you get want to eat, make sure it is form kohli.

Kohli Sweets located in the heart of the patiala, stocks close to 1000 varities of sweets, namkeen and other traditional. Eatables nad hygine is the buzz word in our kitchen with modernized equipment keeping and cleanliness. However vcare is taken that there is no compromise on the taste and aroma.

At Kohli, we are strongly feel that traditional sweets ought to savored by everyone. In keeping with concern for your health, only easily digestible raw materials go in the making of of our range.

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